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  • Add Something Unique and Elegant looks to your Dinnerware with Bagala Bellmetal(KANSA) Maharaja Dinner set perfect for your day to day use.
  • Bagala Bellmetal Maharaja Dinner Set is a perfect platter for serving Rice, Sabji, Dal, Roti in an Elegant way which brings a Maharaja Style in your Dinning Table.
  • Maharaja Dinner Set is Easy to wash and clean. Useful for daily use and perfect size for storing in your Kitchen[Follow our Cleaning Section for Extra Glossy Effect]
  • Bagala Bellmetal Maharaja Dinner Set of 32 Pieces include:
    • 2Pc  Platinim Thali(35 cm)
    • 10Pc Platinum Bowl(50ml, 180ml, 220ml, 275ml, 300ml)
    • 2Pc Snacks Plate(18 cm)
    • 4Pc Halwa Plate(10 cm, 12 cm)
    • 2Pc Platinum Glass(350ml)
    • 4Pc Platinum Spoon
    • 2Pc Platinum Fork
  •  # [ All products are Handmade product... Design and Size might be differ ]

Kansa Maharaja Dinner Set: 26 Pieces

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