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  • Bagala Bellmetal Sabji Bowl is perfect used in meal for serving sabji, Dal, Curry etc. It is used alone for Snacks, Dahivada, Payasam etc.
  • These are used in Home, Hotel, Resturents etc.
  • Easy to wash and clean and Store/Keep in Kitchen. [Follow our Cleaning Section for Extra Glossy Effect]
  • Bagala Bellmetal Sabji Bowl Set Of 6 Pieces
  • Pack Contain:
    • 6 Pieces Bellmetal Sabji Bowls(Capacity:350ml)
  • Features: Deep curved on edge & plain body.
  • # [ All Products are Handmade product… Design and Size might be differ ]

Bellmetel Sabji Bowl Set Of 6 Pieces

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