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A brand more than 100 years


We started with a vision to cater to the domestic market with exclusive handicrafts products from the length and the breadth of the country. The product range includes handicrafts from different parts of India, along with handcrafted Colonial.

Bagala Charan Kundu was started it's journey from 1899 (in Bengali 1306).  That time India was British ruled environment. An young boy(Bagala Charan Kundu) came from a village of Arambagh and started his business of utensils with small capital but big desire. He had started his business with Kansa and Pital utensils in Kolkata. From that time our organization has established and started it's journey which is still running more than 125 years. 
This organization started it's voyage with the utensils of kansha(Bell Metal) and pital(Brass). After the time is going on all type of kitchen utensils and appliances are included with the organization. Not only Brass or Bellmetal we are trading all kinds of utensils. Now we are the manufacturer and traders of Bellmetal, Brass, Copper utensils in not only West Bengal also all over the India.

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