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  • Bagala Grihaprabesh Poojan Set is perfect combo for Home warming pooja in our Newly build or Settled Home.
  • Each and Every Product is perfect Grihaprabesh combo which doesnot give you any chance to think twice.
  • Every Pooja Product is made of best and pure quality Brass and Copper Meterial.
  • Pack Content:
    • 1Pc Brass Poojan Kalash
    • 1Pc Copper Kosha-Kushi Set
    • 1Pc Copper Sree Havankundo
    • 1Pc Copper Puja Rekab
    • 1Pc Brass Pooja Rekab Stand
    • 1Pc Brass Puspopatra
    • 1Pc Brass Hand bell
    • 1Pc Brass Hand bell Keeping Plate
    • 1Pc Brass Kappurdani
    • 1Pc Brass Panchapradeep
    • 1Pc Brass Sankha Stand
    • 1Pc Brass Agardaan
    • 2Pc Brass Chandan Bowl
    • 3Pc Brass Plate
  •  # [ All Products are Handmade product… Design and Size might be differ ]

Bagala Grihapravesh Economy Poojan Set

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