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  • Bagala Marriage Ceremony Economy Set is the perfect wedding Gift for New Bride & Groom from their parents as blessing in this auspicious occasion.
  • Made of best and pure quality Bellmetal and Brass.
  • Best of gifting and for future assets.
  • Marriage Ceremony Economy Set Includes:
    • 2Pc Bellmetal Thali(13/14 inches) (PLATINUM)
    • 4Pc Bellmetal Bowl
    • 2Pc Bellmetal Glass
    • 1Pc Brass Gamla
    • 1Pc Brass Stand Dia(Pilsuj)
    • 1Pc Brass  Kalash
    • 1Pc Brass Lota (For Oil)
    • 1Pc Gift (Free)
  •  # [ All Products are Handmade product... Design and Size might be differ ]

Marriage Ceremony Economy Set: 12 Pieces

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